• To top up your account go to Finances => Add Credit . You can replenish your account in one of the ways we proposed, but you also need to consider the amount for which you plan to replenish the account, since it is profitable to replenish the account for large amounts by a standard bank transfer

  • Usually we advise our clients to use bank transfer for account replenishment if the amount exceeds 2000 euros, for sum less - use other ways of replenishing the account from the section Add Credit

  • Generate an invoice (information will be taken from section Settings => Agreement data )

    In the section Add Credit select Bank Transfer => Invoice . Automatically will be generated invoice depends on sum you want to recharge.Generated invoice you can save or print immediately.

    We will credit your account as soon as we get the payment from you to our bank account

    Previously generated invoices you can control in the section Finance => Invoiced bills.