Manage your incoming voices by Interactive Voice Menu (IVR), accept and process them, depending on what digits on the phone your client presses. Create a multi-level voice menu that will perform a certain set of actions and can replace you with a secretary or telephone support service.All actions of your customers will be recorded in the archive and you can analyze them later.

Key feature

Multilevel interactive menu


Create a menu consisting of several levels and specify certain algorithms that will be executed after pressing the keys on the phone, for example, playing an audio file or sending SMS with a link to the company's website.

Recognize the voice of your client


Analyze what buttons your clients press in the telephine or what they say, record it and, depending on what words they say, set the execution of a certain script in automatic mode.

Help your client by support team


Make it possible to communicate with your support in an interactive voice menu, if the client has difficulties and needs the help of your specialist.