Increase the impact of your business around the world with the help of mobile marketing tools. Using national numbers to receive SMS you can build communication with your customers, regardless of the country in which they are located. The national number (or long code) is the standard phone number where you can receive SMS, process them and send SMS responses in automatic mode, and SMS can be received from customers all over the world, regardless of the country of SMS dispatch


Expand your business globally


At the national number will be possible to receive SMS from customers around the world, which will allow you to expand the audience of your customers

Gather a database of new customer numbers


Automatically collect phone numbers of those customers who send SMS to your national number, thereby you expand your client base numbers for future SMS campaigns

Build a dialogue with your audience


The national number gives you the opportunity to receive SMS from customers and respond to them. You can set up some or other variants of response SMS in your profile and analyze the activity of your client base