It`s very easy to do. If you want use our own interface and send SMS from our portal - you need register an account in our service. For sending SMS messages from your site or application, integrate with us by API

Yes, it`s possible. Sender "TLC" is our default sender ID. It`s possible to be changed, if it is allowed by rules of our service, you just need send us request with name of sender you need register.

We have 24/7 Support and answer all your questions. Read more about procedure of communication with our Support team here

It`s possible, please ask your Account manager, you received after registration account. We can increase priority for your account and remove moderation from account.

The status of a message is a peculiar data packet that formed in the subscriber's mobile phone and sent back to the mobile operator`s SMSC. Older phone models have a small amount of memory and are not capable of processing large amounts of information. In situations where the memory is filled with processing of the previous SMS parts due to its shortage, the last parts of the SMS are not processed as needed and remain in the cache of the phone. As a result, some parts of the SMS do not become a single SMS, although the delivery report has already been sent to the mobile operator and you see in statistics status of SMS "Delivered". Usually it helps to reboot the phone for resolving problem.
In case you can not solve the problem yourself please ask for help from technical support

Such issues sometimes arise. There is possible some reasons of this issue. There are 3 reasons for this problem:
• Mobile telephone of the recipient is outside the coverage of the mobile operator or turned off. In case the time that the phone is unavailable is more than lifetime of the message - SMS won`t be delivered.
• The subscriber's phone is turned off, it contains any errors in the number or it`s a landline telephone number. Usually to avoid it, users, before sending SMS Campaign, check the databases of telephone numbers using service of HLR requests and remove wrong numbers.
• SMS was sent during a heavy load on the mobile operator`s network or during the time operators usually conduct technical work. Usually this happens on the eve of holidays, weekends or at night.
Сontact us and we will resolve specific of your issue.

Service throughput reaches 1250 sms per second

Yes, you can schedule an SMS dispatch for the future time, just select time and day you need it will be dispatch in Settings. You can read more about dispatch automatic SMS in article "How to start sending SMS with TLC Mobile"

We guess it happened because your account is under moderation or you don`t have enough money to send your SMS Campaign completely (see in your personal account "SMS waiting for payment" section). Ask your Account manager for details.

We control content of SMS sending by our clients on moderation, we check it for complaince with Laws and internal rules of our company. You can remove moderation, just ask your Account manager about it.

As you can see the indicator below the SMS sending window, it calculates the length of SMS that depends on the number of characters or digits in the text. 1 SMS in Latin can hold up to 160 characters, 1 SMS in Cyrillic - 70 characters. The number of SMS can be sent more than 1, even if the number of subscriber numbers is 1.

Yes, it`s possible.
Just check countries opened in your account, usually for our new customers we open only the most claimed countries and it needs add absent countries. Check in section "Finance=>Balance". Ask your Account manager for details.

The statistics of sent SMS Campaigns you can see in the section Detailed statistics:
• Delivered - SMS was delivered to therecepient.
• Sent - in the process of delivery.
• Undelivered - the recepient did not receive SMS (the reasons for the non-delivery are described in 13 point of FAQ).
• Expired - term of life SMS ended earlier because all this time phone was inactive.

You can send SMS from your site using API protocols for connecting to TLC Bulk SMS service. You can send SMS from your application or website using API by methods HTTPS/XML/SMPP.

Yes, this option is available for some countries, we can provide targeting telephone numbers database by gender, region and etc. Ask your Account manager, he explain you all details.

Just add telephone numbers of recepients who have complaints to Black list. It`s possible to do in your account in Section Database => Stop sheet

Sometimes it occurs the queue on the side of the mobile operators, this happens at time, when the mobile operator operate billions of SMS per second and there is no technical capability to process it in a short period of time. Usually it happens in peak times in the weekends or holidays and you need wait a bit for resolving this issue. Another reason may be that you sent an advertising to a channel for service SMS, which you can not do. It can be block by mobile operators, because promotional SMS should be sent to special routes intended for advertising

Just ask your account manager about it, in advance prepare text of your message, picture or message template and sender ID you need.

Yes, this feature is available in our service. The main distinction is that official Viber need more information about mailing initiator and some time for registration sender ID.

Yes, you can tune your SMS Campaigns you want. We have custom settings for SMS Campaigns consists with most frequently used features, but our clients can create personal settings for future SMS Campaigns too.

Biling & pricing

In your account in section Finance, you can see Agreement template - study and print it there. Read more detailed about process of signing the contract is described here

We work only with legal entities. For begining use of our services you have to sign agreeemnet with us and it`s possivble only if you are registred legal entity

It`s described in article How to recharge the balance? in detail

We don`t have any demand for starting minimal package. You can begin from 1 euro and there is no difference in functionality comparing with owners of high balance

You can receive low prices, just top up your account for a large amount, price depends on amount SMS you buy by every single payment. You can receive wholesale prices, just make more payment

Your amount of money will be without changes, we don`t have monthly fees for our services.

We have a lot of variants to refill balance: Credit and Debit cards VISA/MASTERCARD, payment systems like Paysera, Webmoney and etc, crypro currencies like BTC, ETH, BCH and etc. Also you can make standart bank transfer by invoice, generated in your account.


Yes, all SMS Campaigns you will send, must be only to numbers of recepients that agreed for receiving SMS from you

Yes, your SMS campaigns will be send anonymously. Your recepients can understand who sent SMS only by sender ID or text of SMS

• It is forbidden to advertise narcotic and psychotropic substances, alcohol, cigarettes and other tobacco products.
Distributor of advertising has no right to promote through these channels adult goods and escort, sites 18+, medicines, gambling, forged documents, weapons. Also, propaganda of violence, under the prohibition of inciting interracial/religious/political discord, which manifests itself in statements about a country/people/religion/politics, insulting words.
• The dispatch can be carried out only with the prior consent of the subscriber.
In more detail you can read that it is forbidden to send in sms in our agreement.

It`s SMS were sent and received by recepient without consent. We do not approve of this kind of advertising, which is fixed in the main provisions of our treaty and is punishable by fines