A short code consisting of 5 or 6 digits, which is easy to remember and allows you to receive SMS from your customers. You can either rent a short code in full or choose a more economical option - rent a certain set of characters that your customers will send before the text of the message. It is also possible to respond to SMS received from customers, prepared in advance by text responses. The use of short code is very popular in the US and Canada, whereas in Europe this mobile marketing trend is only developing.


Increase your interaction with customers


Receive SMS from your customers without any restrictions from thousands of your customers and send SMS prepared in advance in response to tariffs of your account.

Automatic collection of customer numbers database


By receiving SMS from your customers, you simultaneously collect recipient numbers as a database, which you can then process and use for your business purposes.

Reduce marketing costs


Renting a separate short code is not an expensive pleasure, but you can cut down your expenses by renting not the short code completely, but only a separate prefix that your customers will use in the SMS text.